Custom Size 1/8" (3 mm) Clear Acrylic Sheets

$20.00 - $380.00
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Product Overview

Steps to create your Custom Size Acrylic order.....

  1. Determine the Length and Width (in inches) of the custom sized acrylic sheet you need.
  2. Multiply the Length and Width together to get the size in square inches. (Example: 30" x 20" = 600 square inches).
  3. Choose from the SIZE dropdown list the group that includes the number of square inches in your custom sheet. 
    (Example: for 600 square inches choose the 561-640 group)
  4. Choose the number of sheets required.
  5. Add to Cart and complete Checkout.

SAVE: Buy one sheet at regular price and get a 25% discount on each additional sheet (equal or lesser value)