20 Laser Cut Clear Acrylic Blank Round Discs 3/64 inch (1 mm) Thick

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Product Overview

These clear acrylic discs are made from 3/64 inch (1 mm) thick acrylic, and are laser cut for smooth edges. They have a Protective film on both sides to keep them clean and scratch free before use. Popular uses for these discs include... stick on vinyl clings you cut out at home... paint with acrylic paint ... decoupage with scrapbook paper ... glue on fabric swatches ... engrave names or monograms ... etc. Great for key-chains, larger size necklace pendants, bag tags for backpacks, purses, etc. If you're looking for crafting ideas for the holiday season they also work great as Christmas tree ornaments, gift tags for presents - your imagination is the only limit!

20 CLEAR ACRYLIC BLANK CIRCLES - Choose your Size with NO Hole OR with a Hole

LASER CUT - for smooth edges. 3/64 inch (1 mm) thick Acrylic

PROTECTIVE FILM/MASKING - lets your acrylic circles arrive unscratched and in perfect condition

MULTIPLE USES - These Blanks are great for weddings & events, adding vinyl or for adult/kids craft projects, games, scrap booking, drawing, decorations, display, coasters, DIY Ornaments, jewelry, magnets, keychains, necklace pendants and much more.

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