Blank Clear Acrylic DIY TABLE PLACE CARDS (30 Choices)

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Product Overview

Looking for something to make your special event stand out? Then look no further! These Trendy & Stylish crystal clear place cards can be customized to fit any celebration. Thanks to Paint Pens, these place cards are easily customizable or painted to match any color of celebration! Make a mistake? No worries! These acrylic place cards can also be easily cleaned with acetone so you can wash and reuse them over and over again. Whether you're a professional wedding/party planner or a DIY home based business, these reusable place cards look expensive, but won't break the bank.

-TRENDY & ELEGANT: These clear acrylic place cards have a glass like look without the expensive price tag!

-PREMIUM QUALITY: High grade, crystal clear acrylic are precisely cut with clean lines and polished with smooth edges.

-DURABLE & RE-USEABLE: Our place cards can be easily cleaned with Acetone allowing them to be used multiple times.

-PROTECTIVE PAPER FILM: Unlike similar products, our acrylic place cards are shipped with the protective film still in place to be sure that you get a product that's crystal clear.

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