DAU 3 Pack Mirror Acrylic Plexiglass Sheets 1/8” Thick (3mm)

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Product Overview

Cast Acrylic is a great alternative to traditional glass and is popular with both professionals and do-it-yourself hobbyists. It can be cut with a table, band, or jig saw, drilled, routed, or thermoformed, without melting. When polished, cast acrylic shines with a high luster. It withstands exposure to intense sunlight, extreme cold, abrupt changes in temperature, salt water spray, and more. Cast acrylic sheets are ultraviolet light resistant and will not yellow under normal sun exposure. Add the perfect touch to projects, displays, or signs with premium acrylic plexiglass that offers indoor and outdoor versatility.

SUPERIOR TO GLASS - Mirrored acrylic is much stronger and lighter than glass. Because it is shatter resistant it is safer to use in kids areas, yoga, fitness & gym facilities.

CAST ACRYLIC BENEFITS vs. extruded: Better machining with lathe, drill, milling, routing, laser cutting and engraving and thermoforming. More resistant to scratching and solvents, better optical properties.

SCRATCH PROTECTION: Delivered with peel off safety film to assure scratch free acrylic surface on arrival.

MULTI-PURPOSE: DIY hobbyists, Display Cases, Signs, Glass Replacement, Art Projects, Models, Frames, Light Shelf, Mirrors, Photography, Wall art, etc. Can be heated and shaped and is easy to cut or drill holes through it cleanly without cracking.

DistinctAndUnique: Contact us for a wide variety of colors and sizes including blank sheets as well as custom made products.