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Durable Food Grade Round Clear Acrylic Cake Discs Essentials Kit - Convenient Frosting Guidelines


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Product Overview

Why choose us? Our Acrylic Cake Frosting Smoothing Disks, are used by cake decorators to easily achieve perfectly smooth frosting edges on multi level tiered cakes. The convenient guidelines allow the decorator to create a perfectly smooth finish on cakes with buttercream or ganache, that are then finished with buttercream decorations or covered with rolled fondant. Depending on how thick you want your frosting to be, these disks are available in different sizes that cover most standard size cakes. All cake discs come shipped with a protective paper to ensure quality and will need to be peeled off before washing with soap and water. Stop wasting your money on cheap cardboard cake boards that do not allow for sharp edges. To get that crisp, sharp edge, professional looking cake we suggest freezing your cake for about 20-30 minutes to set the frosting as this will make it easier to “cut off” the acrylic disk from your beautiful creation.

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - Unlike Cardboard cake discs these are dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again saving you money in the long run!

FROSTING GUIDELINES FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS - Get the look of a professional bakery with sharp edges on your round and tiered cakes

FOOD SAFE AND EASY TO USE - These round guides are ready for cake makers of almost any level and are user friendly

4 SIDES OF SCRAPER USE - The 4" x 10" scraper can be used for a number of different cake heights. We recommend the 4" side for anything under 4 inches and the 10" side for anything under 10 inches

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