Elegant and Sophisticated Floating Window Shelf (9 Sizes)

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Product Overview

Doing double duty with both fashion and function, this shelf is sure to be a favorite aspect of your home. Crafted from high quality, crystal clear acrylic, it showcases a neutral finish for versatility. Constructed with an elegant simplicity, the minimalist design is intended to complement any décor and to help you enjoy the relaxing and calming influence of being surrounding by your favorite plants or trinkets.

PERFECT FOR INDOOR GARDENS - Wish you had more window space for all your plants? Then this shelf will allow you to maximize your window space so all your plants will get an equal amount of natural sunlight.

SPACE SAVING DESIGN - Blends perfectly with any style of home. Put them in any window to where you could benefit from additional tasteful storage allowing you to better organize your space without blocking natural sunlight.

HIGH QUALITY - This luxurious, trendy and highly practical floating shelf is made from high-quality materials and is shipped with a protective paper backing to be sure your product arrives crystal clear with no scratches or dust.

DURABLE AND UV RESISTANT - This shelf is made from 12mm thick, high grade acrylic that can easily support up to 15lbs without sagging and will not yellow in the brightest sunlight.

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