How Can I Cut Acrylic?

Posted by Marcus Redpath on 12th Feb 2021

How Can I Cut Acrylic?

When choosing a method for cutting acrylic plastic sheets to size, it is important to first pick a method that suits your tools and skill level. 

At DistinctAndUnique we are committed to making these types of processes easier and suggesting DIY tips, to help you along the way.

What Kinds of Tools Could I Use?

Before using any of these methods to cut your acrylic sheeting, you’ll want to determine the length and thickness of your sheets first as this will decide which method will work best. You can use lots of the same tools you’d use to cut wood for this project. Here are a few tool options for cutting acrylic:

  1. Table Saw: This would be the most common way to cut sheets as the possibilities are basically endless for size and thickness. You will want to use a blade similar or the same as plywood. Close sharp teeth will ensure you get a nice clean cut. The duller the blade the more likely it will be to cut sloppy and possibly chip your sheets, so be sure your blade is sharp. An experienced operator may even elect to cut multiple sheets at a time, however we will recommend one at a time for beginners.
  2. Router: This is a great little tool for cutting your own shapes and custom projects. First you will want to cut your acrylic down to size using a different method like the table saw example above. Then you can get creative.  Fasten or clamp down to avoid movement during your fine cuts, this will help avoid chipping and ensure accuracy. A down cut bit will work best, because it throws the shavings down and away from your face and sheeting.
  3. Electric Jigsaw: A jigsaw is an awesome tool to have in your collection for the steady handed craftsmen. Like the table saw, you will want a blade acceptable for cutting plywood with tight teeth to avoid chipping. Up to 1/4 acrylic will cut like butter with a decent quality jigsaw.
  4. Other Tools: Hacksaw, Miter Saw, Laser Cutter


Eye protection is always recommended when cutting anything with an electric saw. You will also want to do your cutting in a well ventilated area as acrylic does contain components that can damage the human respiratory system.

DistinctAndUnique has buying options for acrylic sheets of many sizes to fit your project. As always you can contact us with any questions you may have.