Crystal Clear Acrylic DRUM KIT BAFFLE

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Product Overview

Avoid caging in your entire drum kit with an unsightly, vibe-killing drum shield when the cymbals are the problem. Place your Baffles only where needed and allow the rest of your drum kit and drummer to breathe. Get that desired, professional live sound by refracting the waves of your cymbals and toms away from the vocalist's microphones. Eliminate pesky cymbal ring without sacrificing full live sound, from your kit. Perfect for Studios, Bars, and Church Stages during recording sessions and or live performances.

BETTER RECORDINGS - Crystal clear drum baffles can easily be placed in front of your drum kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session

SHOW OFF AND BE HEARD - Reducing the stage volume with the baffles allows you to achieve professional quality sound, while still allowing you to show off your set

USE THEM ANYWHERE - Light weight design to allow for easy set up & tear down as well as stationary use in bars, clubs, studios and worship centers on any standard cymbal stand (not included)

EASY TO MOUNT - Mounts directly to an available cymbal stand or boom arm and comes with friction grommet(package contains only acrylic baffle, other hardware not included)

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